Shaheq has big dreams

Shaheq pflanzt
Shaheq pflanzt seinen Friedensbaum

Shaheq (12-years old) lives with his family in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. His mother is a housewife. His father abandoned his farming job a few years ago in order to work as a cleaner at an international company. The project the company was working on was completed in 2013, and since that time he has been unemployed. With odd jobs he tries to support his 8 family members.

The hopes of the family rest on Shaheq’s shoulders. As the eldest son he is regarded as the future head and bread winner of the family. The day begins for him at 6 o’clock. First, he provides his family with drinking water from public wells. After breakfast he makes his way to school. In the afternoon he visits the local Islamic school. His parents make sure that their son can attend school regularly. Usually Shaheq comes home after dinner to do his homework before he falls into bed, exhuasted.

Shaheq has big dreams: he wants to become a headmaster one day. And he would like to learn English. The association "peace-trees" has been able to pay for Shaheq to take this English course. In gratitude for this opportunity he has promised to take good care of the tree that he planted in the grounds of the local mosque.