Hamayoon and Manzullah want to be role models in their school

Hamayoon und Manzullah mit ihren Friedensbäumen
Hamayoon und Manzullah mit ihren Friedensbäumen

These 12 years old boys from the provincial capital, Mazar-e Sharif are attending the 3rd grade at Ustad-Wejdan High School. In this school teach about 110 teachers 3,500 boys in three shifts.

After consultation with the head master and class teachers Hamayoon and Manzullah were chosen to become tree guardians. Both of them are respectively the best in their classes and come from difficult family-circumstances. They live separated from their families in a childrens house which is taken care of by the organization "Women for Women".

Together with them we bought the plants at a nearby nursery and planted them in the schoolyard. Those in attendance were explained the importance and benefits of trees for both climate and the environment. The impact of the project was also felt by their classmates. They began immediately to clean the school yard by collecting garbage.

The association "peace trees" has financed mathematics and English courses for Hamayoon and Manzullah’s future. They want to study and became role models for their schoolmates.