Please support us!

With our project Afghan children get tree sponsorships and in return they receive high value education vouchers for private courses. We help children of poor families and offer them ways out of poverty and future prospects through the provision of good education opportunities.

The cost of such an education voucher is around 10 euros per month (including teaching materials). The children get, according to their inclinations, skill sets and preferences, courses in foreign languages, natural sciences and computers.

With your support, together we will help families directly, and make an important contribution to sustainable development and peace in Afghanistan!


Every donation counts - regardless of whether you give a one-off amount or if you want to carry the cost of a tree sponsorship of 120 € per year.

You also have the opportunity to support the child of a particular Afghan family. In this case please let us know. We will clarify how we can implement the Tree Sponsorship in your best interests. If you do not wish to set out rules, we will use your donation in accordance with our mission and objectives conscientiously.

We make sure that your donation reaches your Tree-Sponsorship grantee immediately and we keep administrative and promotional expenses as low as possible.

Afghan engineers as our supporter in Afghanistan

Afghanische Ingenieure als Helfer vor Ort

Afghan engineers

Afghan engineers and staff of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) are volunteers. They support us during the implementation of new projects and with the maintenance of our Tree-Sponsors in their provinces.

Supporter and Sponsors


Our Supporter from the beginning

Musa Khatri

Project Initiator and Chairman of the association

Ruth Faust Jacobs

Fundraiser, Keene - USA

Dr. Lothar M. Schwarzkopf

Fundraiser, Konradsreuth - Deutschland

Shqipe Malushi

Fundraiser, New York - USA